Engage customers and leverage data with Activatrs.

Activatrs are e-activation ideas that aim at strengthening your promotional campaign/message at events, stalls etc while simultaneously collecting visitor data.

We have two app-based activatrs and will be adding more to our arsenal.


A host of Features

  • Customizable
    The look-n-feel of these apps can be matched with that of your other inputs. Even the app name can be what you need it to be.
  • Geo Location
    Each data entry collected through the activatr app will be geo-tagged.
  • Photo Backup
    Pictures clicked through these apps will be automatically stored in cloud.
  • Anytime Support
    Our local support team will always be available to address your concerns.


Capture your visitors’ pictures and data in a single camera app


  • Pictivatr is a superimposed frame design that adds a meaning to the picture being clicked on a smartphone.
  • The frame overlay is designed to augment your main (event/brand) theme.
  • Or it can just be a fun frame created to engage your stall visitors.
  • In either case, visitor contact number is collected by sharing the clicked
  • picture on their Whatsapp.


A fun way of spinning out offers

  • A mini spinning wheel app to reward the people visiting your stall
  • Ideal for giving away Promo Codes, Offers etc
  • The Code/Offer is then forwarded to visitors via an SMS


The Resourceful Activatrs

Share campaign idea

Activatrs are designed to convey the core message in an innovative way, when you are looking for a 360 degree campaign.

Creative branding

These inputs place your brand in a new-age digital setting. The app itself can be named after your brand.

Engagement & Reward

The interactive nature of these apps delivers an interesting experience to your visitors/customers. Not to mention, the rewards they get in return.

Collecting customer data

The activatrs are designed in a way that the very involvement of the visitor necessitates sharing of their number.



Contact us to get your customized App

Simply call us. Or drop a line and we will get back to you.

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